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Do you really have consumer privacy on your mobile phone?

25 Apr

Do we really know all the features of the electronic devices we carry with us on a daily basis. Many of the popular smart phone operating systems automatically track gps locations and record the data. iPhones and Android phones are both known for tracking locations. Even photos taken on a cell phone often have geotag data stored without any notification. The geotags allow people to easily see where you live, work, shop, park your car, etc.

I was amazed at how easily someone can find where a photo was taken. After seeing the above video, I thought, “Wow, good thing I keep my gps turned off!” When I looked at the photo album on my Android phone, I was shocked to see an album caption listing all the cities where the photos had been taken including where I live, work and shop. I tried numerous times and ways to disable this feature but did not have much luck. Finally I had to disable applications from accessing network location data. I have found it to be an annoyance since now I have to always type in my location. This almost defeats the purpose of having a smartphone. But why are cell phone makers, not allowing numerous privacy settings??!!

Recently the iphone 4 was tested with the location services disabled. Even after the features were disabled, the iphone stored location data with up to a years worth of information. Apple has not commented on the findings but it’s speculated that the data collected will help both Apple and Google map wifi connections.

Users’ location-based data would be helpful in building maps and other resources. Google and Apple currently “taps the $2.9 billion market for location-based services — expected to rise to $8.3 billion in 2014, according to research firm Gartner Inc.”

Marketers already have quite a few ways to track personal information allowing personalized advertisements sent/displayed to the consumer. When posting content or photos online, it’s important to be aware of your phone settings.


Social Media and then some!

20 Mar

Welcome to my new blog all about emerging media and how it affects the way companies are changing their marketing strategies. To learn more about me visit the About page.

Most people think when you say emerging media it equals social media like facebook and twitter. But emerging media is much more than social media alone. It encompasses interactive banner advertisements, rss feeds, podcasts, advertisements in games, smartphone apps, widgets, social networking and more. These emerging techniques are truly changing not only the way marketing is handled but also the way we live our lives.

One part my life that has changed more than anything else would be the use of a phone. It used to be we used a phone to keep in touch with family or friends. Then the phone became the cell phone that we could keep in touch anywhere we wanted (given that you had service). Then became the popularity of text messaging and the cell phone then became the smart phone. And every few months the smart phones just keep getting smarter! We can now do practically everything on a smart phone but are no longer bound to a computer sitting in an office. Wherever you are, you can check your email, keep up on facebook statuses and tweets, book a hotel room, watch the weather report, and sometimes even make a phone call. 48% of Americans with facebook accounts check for updates when they wake up and 28% of them do it using a smart phone before even getting out of bed.

What else has changed?

Newspaper Advertising

2010 was the first year in which online advertising topped newspapers ads. It was also the first year that online newspaper readership was higher than the print edition’s readership. Read more about it from eMarketer.


U.S. web users spent almost 10 percent of their total online time on facebook.

“For many online users, Facebook is to our era as revolutionary as the telephone was a century earlier.” -Jeffrey Rayport, Harvard Business Review

Cell Phone Uses

Cell phone usage for uses other than voice data applications has increased.

Cell Phone Uses 2010

What will be next?

Below is the chart of the predicted trends for emerging media in 2011.

Time Twitter will tell.

2011 Emerging Media Trends

Charts were found on  A billboard in the Woods , Pew Internet and eMarketer. Thanks!