Consumer Privacy and Safety of Accounts

16 May

There has always been a risk of accounts getting hacked into and spammed but it seems like the problem is rising. In the last month, I personally know 3 peoples’ email account and 2 peoples facebook account that have been hacked into. My husband’s facebook account was even hacked and spammed while he was signed in. With the recent Sony PS3  and Fox Broadcasting hacks, the concern for true privacy and security are often questioned.

I’ve also been hearing about quite a few virus’s being spread through facebook. It’s getting hard to know what to trust and what to avoid.

The Scary Facebook Stats:

  • 20 million minors have used Facebook in the past year and 7. 5 million of those were under the minimum age of 13 years old.
  • 5 million users are under 10 years old
  • Facebook has exposed over 5 million homes to virus’ or identity theft in the last year.
  • over 1 million children have been bullied because of using the site.
To protect your accounts
  • Use privacy controls
  • Watch children’s accounts
  • Turn off instant fill forms
  • Be particular of what apps are allowed access to accounts
More Americans worry about having their online privacy compromised than having to declare bankruptcy or losing their job.
I think one reason people disagree with targeted advertising is because they feel there is no privacy. It’s hard to determine what sites or programs you should trust. And even if a site is validated and trusted, it could be hacked at any time with your private info compromised.
What can be done to prevent these hacks? Or how can you ease consumer’s minds?

Privacy sign image from Through the Eyes of Keaven 

Data Graphic from Tech Journal South


One Response to “Consumer Privacy and Safety of Accounts”

  1. Dave Eyssen May 16, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

    Despite its privacy controls and account settings, sites such as Facebook provide users of all ages from all across the globe the ability to access information that their peers have published for the public to view. In March of this year, Facebook announced that approximately 20,000 accounts are removed each year for reasons such as policy violations, spam, inappropriate content, and underage use. Unfortunately, a vast majority of illegal activity takes place each and every day that goes unnoticed. With over 7.5 million users under the age 13, it is scary to think of all the minors that are accessing social media sites and putting themselves at risk. While the benefits can be tremendous for those that utilize these sites properly, as parents and mentors it is important that we properly monitor the younger demographic of people in our households that may be accessing these sites illegally.

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