Integration of Online Resources in Print Publications: The Rise of QR Codes

17 Apr

Social Media Stars QR Code

In the smartphone era, QR codes are becoming a main stream addition to the marketing world. They provide a link to print and online digital content.

QR or Quick Response Codes allow for a wide range of opportunities for marketers to incorporate an easy access link to websites, videos, coupons, social media, rss feeds, or other content into traditional mediums. These scannable tags provide supplemental resources, which adds significant value to consumers.

QR Code InfoImage Source

QR codes have a widespread use for over a decade in Japan but are just recently becoming commonplace in the U.S. Many people were unaware of how to use these codes until some bigger name companies such as Macy’s, Best Buy, and Post Cereals. Macy’s recently launched a very visible QR education campaign to inform consumers on how to use the codes and what content and benefits they can receive from using them. You can view one of their commercials below. Macy’s began their campaign in early 2011 and during just one week in February, there were 20,000 downloads using their promoted QR codes.

QR codes are simple for consumers to use once they understand what they are used for. An application that reads QR codes has to be downloaded onto your mobile phone. Then all that needs to be done is snap a photo of the code using the application. The app will bring up the linked content.

QR codes can be created for free in a matter of minutes. Many websites offer the code generation service.



ZXing Project

QR codes open a wide range of marketing possibilities. From instantly delivering coupons, to easily “liking” a store from a quick in-store link, or providing a link to behind the scenes footage of a photo shoot, QR codes have just begun to show their potential in the U.S. market.

Sephora Billboard with QR codeFringe Season 3 Poster with QR codePlant Tag with QR code

QR Ads found can be found here SephoraFringe, Plant Tag.


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