Facebook is Out and Google’s In- Will you like or +1?

4 Apr

Last Wednesday Google announced their newest marketing product, Google’s +1. Google’s +1 button will be comparable to Facebook’s Like button. Google says the button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”

Google’s Adsense and Facebook have one large similarity- their highly targeted advertisements. Both companies gather data about their users interests and use that information to direct ads to them. The main difference is how each company gathers the user information. Facebook uses user profiles submitted by the user for information. Google has several ways to attain information but none are as specific or user submitted. Google uses cookies that track users browsing history.

Google is launching the Google +1 as a better way to collect information for use in advertising, as well as gain more control over online display advertisements.

Google’s +1 button will first be featured in Google Search and will then branch to other websites. When a user clicks the button the first time they will be prompted to create a Google profile. The required profile information is simple but more information can be added if a user chooses. The Google +1 is more a recommendation than the Facebook Like. The +1 won’t send annoying notifications to all of your friends, instead it will just show up when they search for it.

Will the +1 become another one of Google’s flopped social products like Orkut, Buzz, and Google Profile?

Watch the video about +1 from Google.


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